Watch Data

Split second Watch no. 7606

Case: Missing



19?? - CH Meylan, Brassus

2015 - ebay #271957881896, $106.50, 19 Aug 2015, "Unfortunately someone has abused this movement...there are broken and bent parts as well as missing parts. BUT I am sure there are still some useful bits here for the watchmaker. Dial side: The pivot for the second hand is badly bent. Much of the central parts on the dial side (pillar plate) are bent, broken, missing - see where the hour, minute, sweep hands would have gone and you'll understand. The pivot or arbor for the 30 min. counter is broken just outside the jewel. The top plate or balance wheel side: Broken balance staff and missing roller jewel. An arm for controlling 30 min. counter (I believe) is missing + spring to hold that in place is broken. See photos below. I show a borrowed photo of a more complete movement for comparison so you can see what is missing. The movement was high grade with 6 adjustments and 25 jewels. Made for JE Caldwell & Co Philadelphia. Movement diameter approx. 40.5mm. Still some great parts on this movement!"