Watch Data

Watch no. 8536




19?? - CH Meylan, Brassus

2015 - ebay #271965970080, $821, 30 Aug 2015, "Chas. D.P. Gibson, New York High grade Swiss made 20 jewel open face pendent-set pocketwatch movement/dial/hands. Private label marked on the dial and movement for Chas. D.P. Gibson of New York. Movement is beautifully finished with deep red ruby jewels in gold settings, gold balance screws, mirror finish steelwork, and wolf's tooth winding wheels. Movement is not marked with a maker name but I believe is likely by C.H. Meylan as the finish, plate design, "Superior Adjustment" marking, and 4 digit serial number all fit well with Meylan production. Dial is high grade double-sunk glass enamel and is friction fit to the movement. Serial number is 8536. Movement tries to run in the dial up position but stops when moved into other positions. Beautiful movement with excellent color and luster. Dial faces up well but the dial segments have been regaled from the back side and the center chapter sits somewhat unevenly, a bit higher on the left side and with a bit of gap to the outer chapter on the left side. Dial has a small flake above the 5 O'clock numeral and also a small edge flake outside the 4 minute area."