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Watch no. 13499




19?? - CH Meylan, Brassus

2015 - ebay #121803264822, $224.50, 7 Nov 2015 "T. Kirkpatrick High grade Swiss made 21 jewel open face pendent-set pocketwatch movement/dial/hands. Private label marked on the dial and movement with "T. Kirkpatrick". Movement is beautifully finished with deep red ruby jewels in gold settings, gold balance screws, mirror finish steelwork, and cap jeweling over the escape wheel and lever. Movement is not marked with a maker name but I believe is likely by C.H. Meylan as the finish, plate design, "Superior Adjustment" marking, and low 5 digit serial number all fit well with Meylan production. Dial is sunk-seconds glass enamel and has threaded dial feet held by screws. Movement measures about 40mm in diameter with the dust ring attached, 39mm in diameter with it removed. Movement serial number is 13499. Wound tight and not running under its own power, but will start up and tick for a little while when given a small twist and I think likely this movement has not seen a cleaning and oiling in a long time. Very nice looking movement with good color and luster but does have some scattered mild surface marks. Dial has a hairline running from the 11 O'clock edge over toward the 3 O'clock numeral, and dial has a small edge flake outside the 6 minute area. Hour and minute hands have corrosion, seconds hand is missing its tail."